TAURUS PRIVATE LIMITED. In search of Special needs
  1. Special Purpose Machines
  2. Metal Cutting Machines
  3. Non-Ferrous material machining Machines
  4. Testing Machines
  5. Assembly of parts Machines
  6. Hot and Cold metal forming machines
  7. Special Jig Fixtures
  8. Gas cylinder Machines
  9. Insulator Machines
  10. Material Handling
  11. Process equipments
  12. Moulding Machines
  13. Spares & Accessories
  14. Exports

Taurus private limited established in the year 1983 is a professionally managed company specializing in design and manufacture of custom built, tailor-made and import substitution machines for various industries. The area of machine building is diverse. A well groomed design staff with well trained technicians build and debug the machines to the customer satisfaction. Machines are designed economically using the standard quality modules. The machines are proved out with customerís process support before shipment. Feedback from our customers help us improve our technology. Each SPM is identified as an assignment and dedicated team works from concept to commissioning.

The success of the SPM is related to the interaction with user and constant upgradation of Technology for their needs. User Training at our works and Supervision of commissioning the machines at Customerís place are part of our commitment. We at Taurus Continue to learn the Technology everyday..... Thanks to our Esteemed Customers who trust us.

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